Francesca Bria

Francesca Bria is the Digital Innovation Commissioner for the city of Barcelona, leading its Office for Technology and Digital Innovation. She defined and initiated the Barcelona Digital City Plan, which rethinks the smart city to better respond to citizens’ needs while addressing pressing urban challenges such as affordable housing and sustainability. Her recent work includes leading the digitization process of City Hall; outlining directives for transparent procurement and digital infrastructures; and opening city data to local companies through a blockchain-based platform. She is a Nesta Senior Adviser and Senior Project Lead in the Nesta Innovation Lab, where she serves as the EU Coordinator of the D-CENT project, the largest European project on direct democracy and digital currencies, and as Principal Investigator of the DSI project on digital Social Innovation in Europe. Francesca received her PhD from Imperial College and MSc in E-business and Innovation from the University College of London, Birkbeck.